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January 20th, 2011

10:05 pm - "For You" PV

Rie Fu's new PV is up at Youtube.

You can preview the b-side tracks, 'One-Bite' and 'Come on Come on' at Sony Music.

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January 16th, 2011

09:23 pm - New Single - For You
Looks like it's been awhile since this lj has been active.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Rie Fu has a new single coming out 2/16. The song, For You, is the ending theme to Hourou Musuko. You can see the anime ending here

Her new blog link HERE
Her official twitter link HERE

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June 26th, 2010

05:42 pm - at Rie sessions Interview translated

You might know that Excite Music will post their interviews with Rie fu whenever she has a release. I've been meaning to translate them for a while now but only just started. I translated her latest one (for at Rie sessions album). It's not perfect, really. In fact any corrections are welcome. XD But I hope you can capture the general idea from it and learn more about her experiences behind the album. :D

Fake cut to my translation comm entry
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April 12th, 2010

08:41 pm - at Rie sessions

Enjoy! :) clicky

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October 15th, 2009

08:07 pm - Concerts
Does any one happen to have any Idea as to when Rie Fu might be having a concert in the UK?
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April 18th, 2009

01:43 pm - Nostalgic Lavender Rie fu lyrics address change
Hi Rie fu fans! I don't know if anyone here used the Rie fu section of my lyrics & translation site, Nostalgic Lavender, but I recently had to move the site pretty suddenly, so if you'd like to update your bookmarks or have been wondering where it went, here's the new link!
>> http://www.nostalgic-lavender.net/riefu/index.html <<
(Rie fu's section is good, but the rest of the site is kinda under construction and might look a little weird with some broken links. Just be patient!)

Thanks!! (Urban Romantic translations are forthcoming, of course!)
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April 17th, 2009

01:11 pm - Itsuka kono michi no saki ni lyrics?
So I was listening to Urban Romantic (lovely, lovely album of course), specifically "Itsuka kono michi no saki ni ~ All the way", and I swear it sounds like she dropped the f-bomb ("Couples kiss and hug, they f*** it up"... which really shocked me, I never expected that!

I searched the interwebs to see it I heard it right, and some other fans seemed to have heard the f-word as well, although all the lyrics I can find say "Couples kiss and hug, they cuddle it up."

Does anyone know what it actually says? Thanks~ O_O

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November 30th, 2008

10:52 pm - Rie Fu - Snail Mail
hi! :) i'm a new member here in the community so i'm sorry if this post of mine is not correct. please feel free to correct me.

anyway, i've been a rie fu for years and i was wondering if i could send a snail mail to her. i would love to write a letter to her. the problem is i don't know where should i send it.

do you guys know where?

thanks in advance. :)

PS: i left the tags empty so that mods could tag it properly.
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November 12th, 2008

06:20 pm - Plugging fanlisting + Romantic single
Hi! :D

I'm glad to see a LJ comm for Rie fu~ :3 To me she's pretty unappreciated. ;3;

So excuse me while I shamelessly plug teh fanlisting for Rie fu (http://yume.lean-forward.com/riefu). <3 She needs more fans, yes? You can check out the random fansite section if you may too. :)

In other news, I'm pretty sure you know about her new single released today (http://www.riefu.com/) (http://blog.excite.co.jp/riefublog/)! :D I don't find it as endearing as some of my favourites by her but she is treading on new grounds. The only thing I'm assured of is her usual lyrics~

I've yet to hear the B-sides but for the A-side, you can always watch the PV (http://www.jpopasia.com/play/12269/rie-fu/romantic.html). ^^ I wonder how the Christmas card in the first press is like too.

What do you guys think of Romantic and her tie-up with Taku Takahashi from m-flo?
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August 10th, 2008

11:07 am - New member
 Hey everyone,

Here's a new member from this community! I was so pleased to find a community dedicated to this artist! I really like Rie Fu, although I think it's a shame that she's so hard to find on the internet. I'm slowly trying to change that though. In my journal you can find her first three albums to download for your pleasure, although I'm sure most of you already downloaded or bought the albums.
Does anyone know where I can find a copy of her fourth album to download? It's far to expensive for me to order her albums (or any album by any Japanese artist for that matter) if it's just one album, since it'll have to travel halfway across the world. Anyhow, please tell me if you know!

Ja, mata ne~
Nira <3

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